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Hacienda Katanchel Hotel offers new experiences that you cannot find alone. For very special people in the middle of the exotic fauna and flora of the Yucatan Peninsula

Here we suggest a list of places you can visit in the area:

- Uxmal

- Archaeological Museum of Merida

- Izamal Monastery

- Sisal Estate

- Hacienda and ruins in Katanchel: Hacienda: visit to the Mayan ruins inside the hacienda, colonial town of Tixkokob, Hacienda de San Antonio Millet, Hacienda Ake where the Sisal is processed with 19th century machinery.

- The Yucatecan coast: you will visit the colonial towns of Tixkokob and Motul, you will swim in the fantastic waters of the Telchac sea.

- Walk through Yucatecan history: multicultural guided tour of Hacienda Aké, where we can visit the Henequén processing factory with 19th century machinery. Megalithic Mayan ruins and the Colonial Hacienda. Colonial towns: Motul, Euan, Cacalchen and Izamal. These towns have been restored and in Izamal is the largest Convent of Christianity, visited by Pope John Paul II.

From Tho Maya to Colonial Mérida: Parque Oriente, Museum of Anthropology and History, Paseo de Montejo Avenue, Parque de las Américas, Zócalo and Ermita de Santa Isabel, etc.

- Heroic Itza lands: Chichen Itza, the largest of the Mayan cities. Valladolid, a famous colonial city located in the heart of Yucatan, with its monuments, large houses and churches. You can swim in the romantic waters of the Zaci cenote and eat in its restaurant.

Franciscan Convents: Tecoh, Chumayel, Mayapan, Teabo, Maní Oxkutzcab, Ticul. These are the old Franciscan Convents from the colonial period, still inhabited by monks.

- Celestún Mangroves: you will see thousands of flamingos a few meters from your boat, within the most romantic lagoons surrounded by fascinating mangroves and a door to the sea. Eating crabs in fishermen's restaurants will be an unforgettable experience

- Sacbes del Puuc: guided visit to the extraordinary prehistoric caves of Lol-tún, where the Mayan civilization settled, and to the great Mayan cities of Sayil, Kabah and Uxmal, in the latter the sound and light show is presented.