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A 17th century Colonial Hacienda, splendidly restored as a grand jungle house in a secluded 300 hectare stretch of intact tropical jungle overflowing with native fauna and flora.

Katanchel, a newly opened retreat, includes stately colonial buildings and spacious private pavilions set amongst magnificent tropical gardens.

The hacienda dates back to the 17th century, when it was built on the grounds of an ancient Mayan settlement.

      Amid the jungle vegetation, the owners discovered pre-classic ruins on their property. "Apparently, this archaeological site was an astronomical observatory dating from around the third century." A version of the Mayan translation of "Katanchel" indicates that it was a place to see the Milky Way that is in fact impressively visible from the hacienda.

The white sand beach is only 18 kilometers away.
  Private chapel for weddings.

Meeting facilities.
     Free internet access
     Mérida International Airport: 20 minutes. Cancun airport: 2:30 hours.

     Visit Mayan archaeological wonders, colonial cities, tropical wildlife reserves, and the majestic city of Merida, capital of the State of Yucatan.